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Shiseido Revitalizing Treatment Softener 150ml NIB

$28.00 CAD

Expiry March/24

An exceptional lotion that dramatically awakens skin’s potential and strengthens from within. Helps repair and prolong the skin’s natural moisturizing ability, which naturally declines with age. Visibly improves fine lines and reveals brighter, more resilient skin.

Skin’s moisturizing power is boosted with continued use, for a lasting moisturized condition. Optimizes the environment of Langerhans cells with an antioxidant effect, Stops the negative cycle of multiple aging signs that increase and become more prominent with age, for hydrated, resilient skin. Improves and maintains the skin barrier function, optimizes skin mineral balance with Japan’s Kirishima mineral spring water, prevents roughness caused by UV rays and dryness, penetrates instantly for soft, radiant skin that lasts, and ImuCalm CompoundTM uses the power of aromachology to suppress stress that causes skin immunity to decline.